Message from a tree

dcd6cc4cf24c464dcecf3524bfecd6e8_maple-tree-clip-art-maple-tree-clip-art-free_983-784I heard this first from a yoga teacher. In English, we would likely have called it “Advice from a tree” but she is not a native English speaker and she called it a “message” from a tree, which now I like better.

This is what I remember from one reading:

Stand tall

Breathe in the air around you

Love your body

Go out on  a limb

Embrace the seasons

Think long term

Don’t forget your roots

Drink lots of water

Enjoy the view

Credit must go to the source — I’m sure my teacher was paraphrasing from Iian Shamir’s “Advice from a Tree” which contains many of these phrases and much more. For me, the simple list above is one that I can remember.  That said, I recommend Shamir’s complete poem for its eloquence and the beautiful details woven in, such as the birth of spring and renewal of winter. You can read more about Shamir here.

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