Leveling Up with One Big Step: the altMBA

How do you level up?

Set your goals? Identify the gaps? Get some training? Find a support group?

All of the above?

up stairs

I just completed Seth Godin’s altMBA course. It’s a month long program for people wanting to “level up.”

What does that mean? Good question — it’s a tough program to describe. Let’s look at it from a few different angles.

WHO TAKES THIS? All sorts of people — gender, race, location and age … I think we covered the whole spectrum with only two common factors:  we are all able to speak and write English, and we all want something different in our lives. After that, the similarities disappear.  But, it actually works. There were corporate employees, entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs, freelancers and stay-at-home moms.  My random sampling told me that there were a lot of loyal followers of Seth’s blog (everyone in the the program including Seth himself, calls him Seth — no last name, just Seth), as well as some referrals from previous students, and a few others like me who just stumbled upon it.

WHAT DOES IT TAKE?  Seth calls it a sprint. It is.

  • In month -1 (before it started) a stack of books arrived on my doorstep. Yes, a stack. I knew I was in for something.
  • Week 1 felt like I was being bombarded with deadlines right, left and center. I was scrambling. And I hadn’t finished reading that stack of books yet.
  • In week 2 I felt a little more rhythm. Okay, I can handle this …
  • Week 3?  A little more overwhelm with extra (optional) assignments, a body of work to reflect and build on which made assignments a little more complex, and an opportunity to dig a little deeper into the resources of the program.
  • Week 4 — wait, what? Week FOUR?  Almost done already?  What am I gonna do now? Did I get enough out of it?  How can I keep this feeling and still feel like I have a life?  What am I going to do with all this extra time?  Separation anxiety.  And so the finish line is crossed.

WHAT DO YOU PRODUCE?  There are assignments due three times each week. What are those assignments?  Another good question. I pushed back on this before I took the course because I already have a (real) MBA — so I don’t need someone teaching me financial models, marketing 101, sunk cost, or opportunity cost. Know what they said when I asked?


They wouldn’t tell me. I think they used the line:

Trust the process.

And sometimes in my life, I am brave, willing to level up, and willing to leap. So, I trusted the process … and I leaped.


Yes.  Completely.

I have ONLY two important caveats. Do this if:

  • you want something more, and
  • you’re willing to do the work.

Seth  says that the people who get the most out of it, are the ones who put the most in. I totally agree with him. So, if you want to level up, and can carve out some time in your schedule, and you want to learn more about how to get more done in life and work, including a month of practicing “doing more” while you’re in the altMBA, then GO FOR IT. And in case you’re wondering, yes, you can be working full time while doing this, but don’t count on getting much else done.

So, my question for you is:  what’s stopping you?  Go on, take a leap.