Hi. I’m Cindy.

I’m a coach for small teams and individuals, both at work and in life. My clients are looking for transformation—more productivity, more balance, more ease, more happiness. My job is to help people reach their potential.

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List of services below


What inspired your career journey?

I know it can be hard to live and work in Silicon Valley. During my careers in startups, nonprofits and academia, I’ve seen many unhappy and under-performing people. I became a coach to help.

What do you find most satisfying about your work?

When a client no longer needs me. We are all faced with challenges at some point and they can be daunting. What I love is seeing a client transform from struggling to hopeful and energetic.

Where do you turn to find your inner peace?

To my meditation and my yoga. I meditate at home almost every day – it grounds me and helps me to be more present with my clients. I practice yoga to move in a meditative way.

What do you want your mark to be on the world?

A legacy of people whom I have been able to help.



Executive & Manager Coaching

Coaching individuals on personal development and workplace issues to increase effectiveness (1, 3 and 6-month options)

Small Team Coaching

Interpersonal dynamic workshop with option for follow-on coaching

Enneagram Coaching

3-session coaching that helps determine your type and leverage it in personal and professional settings.


Enneagram Coaching

3-session coaching on how to determine Enneagram type and use it for personal development.

Personal Coaching Program

In-depth 6-month coaching program

Free Enneagram Test

In partnership with Lucas Miller, I have created an Enneagram test that helps you narrow your Enneagram type. It’s not pretty yet, but it’s effective. Link to free 15-minute test is here.