Why Hire a Coach?

A coach can help you  move forward — in life, relationships and work.

Is your life changing but you don’t know what to do next?
Do you know that you want more from life, but you aren’t sure what?
Do you know what you need to do, but you aren’t doing it?

An integral coach is a “life” coach who considers all of your life, including your career, your home life, and your relationships. I develop a deep understanding of you (the client) and your world.  Over the course of six months, you will:

  • improve your ability to deal with your life circumstances
  • gain new insights, and
  • become aware of new possibilities.

Our work together will be outcome driven — ultimately leaving you better established for both short- and  long-term excellence, with the ability to self-correct.

As a coach, you can expect me to:

  • help you see yourself more clearly
  • help you clarify your goals and support you to take action towards achieving them
  • provide structure and accountability

The custom program I design will be a series of practices, observations and awareness exercises that fit within your life, as busy as it may be.  You can read more what to expect in my approach to coaching.

In addition to my role as a coach, I am also a writer – writing about life, coaching, and business.   You can read more about me here and a link to my writing is here.