Following Your Heart & Using a Coach

When faced with opportunities, challenges, and decisions, I believe that we all know, in our hearts, what is right for us.

This applies to  significant decisions such as which job to take, whom to marry,  and whether to change cities, or seemingly  insignificant decisions: such as what to eat for lunch, whether to go that meeting, and which gym to join.

But what is true in your heart might be hidden from you. True, you might need more information, but once you have that information, then moving ahead while honoring yourself is the key — and that’s where good coaching comes in.  Personal coaching is not about telling you what to do, but about helping you discover what you want and what’s stopping you. The discovery is something the coach and client do together, over a the course of a few months or longer.

As a coach, I help my clients move forward in the right direction for them, and really, only my clients know which direction is right. My role as a coach, is to help them figure that out.

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