About My Coaching

Why hire a coach?

  • Feeling like you want more from your life?
  • Facing some important decisions?
  • Not sure about how to pick the next path?
  • Having  a hard time moving forward on your own?

A life coach might be the right solution to help you move forward — in life, relationships and work.

My method of coaching is integral — including everything about you (the client) and your world. Successful coaching, taking place over the course of six months, will improve your ability to deal with your life circumstances.  As your coach (just like an athletic coach), I will be able to see things that you cannot. And through our relationship, you will be able to consider more of what is possible in your life, gaining  new insights and becoming aware of new possibilities. The program that I will design for you will be custom — based on your life and your circumstances.  You can read more about my approach to coaching here, and my coaching services here.

In addition to my role as a coach, I am also a writer – writing about life, coaching, business, and writing,  You can read more about me here.