About me & this blog

I am a writer helping businesses and individuals articulate their vision and tell their stories. I’m passionate about writing (say it better), work (making it better), careers (find your best one, no matter your age) and  baking (kneading dough can be cathartic).

In the past, I’ve had three distinct careers: sales and marketing leadership for small businesses and startups, leadership and technology roles in non-profits, and teaching writing and business communications. What links all of them together are my expertise in business, my ability to communicate, and my passion for helping people be their best.

Background highlights:
• MBA and Masters in English (Creative Writing)
• Taught writing and communications at small Bay Area colleges
• Early digital strategy for Colin Powell at America’s Promise
• Co-founder of Katmango, a venture-backed web infrastructure developer
• Co-founder of Impact Online, now Volunteer Match.

You can find out more about my background at LinkedIn/cindyshove

On a personal note, I am the baker at The Baker and The Chef

I always love hearing from readers so please feel free to connect.