Enneagram Testing

The Enneagram is a personality system that sorts people into nine different types. It is a valuable tool for self-awareness and self-development. This test is to help you determine your dominant type.

Click here to enter your email and take our test for free. Forward the results to receive your Enneagram report.

Step 1: Take the test

Click on this link to take a test which is about 15 minutes long. Make sure to enter your email. You will receive a “Enneagram Assessment” report from qualtrics (my tech partner) with a list of numbers. Please forward this report to me at cindyshove@gmail.com

Of note, I’m working to make this more seamless and visually appealing…soon!

Step 2: Get a Report

Once you’ve emailed me your results, within 24 hours I will send you a report with information on your top 3 scores including a comparison of the types.

Step 3: Read and Reflect

Read the report. Look at each type — what’s great about being that type and what’s hard. Then read the comparison of the types. It is normal to see yourself in several types. This report is to help you determine your dominant type.

There is also an FAQ to answer some of the questions you may have.

If your type isn’t clear, feel free to email me with your report and your uncertainty. I have other resources that might help.

Hope this is fun and insightful. Cindy

I learned about myself and how I and my exec team operates a more psychological level.


I recently got exposed to the Enneagram and got a crazy amount of value learning about my “type” and others’ types.


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