My Approach to Coaching

Why hire a coach?

Because you want more from your life — and could use some help moving forward.  A good coach is a reliable and positive force in your life.

What does a coach do?

    • helps you see yourself more clearly
    • helps you clarify your goals and supports you to take action towards achieving them
    • provides structure and  accountability
    • helps you think, decide and act.

Why Me?

I have been coaching for many years as a manager, a teacher, a friend, and a mother, and I have pursued more training and certification in coaching to become even better.  I am known for being thoughtful, compassionate, inspiring, calm, and practical.  I bring my knowledge as coach and my years of experience to a process that will help you move forward down a meaningful path of your design.

Thoughts for Women Over Forty

Women over forty, especially those who have taken time off to care for their families and children, are faced with a new life when their children grow up — one that doesn’t require dedicating most of their waking hours to others.  This can be overwhelming at first, but with some thought, it can be designed to become a rich and fulfilling phase of life.  Some clients have come to the realization that it’s been a decade since they had a goal for themselves. Others simply realize that they have decades of a life ahead of them, and are ready to choose how to spend them, rather than fall into what comes their way.  Coaching can help you make those pro-active choices.

Thoughts for Young Adults (20s and early 30s)

Young adults have the world ahead of them. There are so many choices, but it’s hard to know which path to take. Traditionally, generations have looked to their parents – – but today’s young adults live in a world, in and outside of work, that is dramatically different from their parents — so a new approach is needed. Coaching can help tap into both the the valuable lessons gleaned from their parents’ generation, and the important information from the real world that they live in. This can enable young adults to pursue a path that is both meaningful and fruitful.

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