My Approach to Coaching

Whether I am coaching a small team, an executive, or an individual for personal reasons, I can:

  • help you see yourself more clearly
  • help you clarify your goals and supports you to take action towards achieving them
  • provide structure and accountability

So, why integral (New Ventures) coaching?

Coaching is intended to have a practical impact in your day-to-day life, so an “integral” coach won’t say what “should” work for you based on a learned model but will focus on what will be the most helpful for you right now.

In order to have real, lasting impact, as a coach I see clients as a complete person and consider all the forces of influence; understanding these forces opens the opportunity to make systemic and lasting change, which is much more powerful than simply a set of tools.

As an integral coach I have completed comprehensive training from New Ventures West. My knowledge crosses a broad philosophical spectrum, tapping into the wisdom of both the West and the East, and incorporating discoveries from cognitive science, genetics, and other disciplines. I have also trained extensively in the Enneagram, a powerful tool for understanding ourselves and others in our lives.

Why me?

I bring my years of experience and extensive training to a process that will help you move forward on a meaningful path of your design.  I am known for being thoughtful, compassionate, inspiring, and practical. I have:

  • work experience in startups, non-profits and corporations
  • extensive training and certification as coach and Enneagram specialist
  • life experience as an executive, a professor, a friend, and a mother

You can read more about me here.