My Approach to Coaching

You’ve probably just read what a coach does:

    • helps you see yourself more clearly
    • helps you clarify your goals and supports you to take action towards achieving them
    • provides structure and accountability

So, why integral (New Ventures) coaching?

Coaching is intended to have a practical impact in your day-to-day life, so an “integral” coach won’t say what “should” work for you based on a learned model but will focus on what will be the most helpful for you right now.

In order to have real, lasting impact, an “integral” coach sees you as a complete person and looks at all the forces influencing you; understanding these forces opens the opportunity to make system and lasting change, which is much more powerful than simply a set of tools.

Integral coaches from New Ventures West are comprehensively trained across a broad philosophical spectrum, tapping into the wisdom of both the West and the East, and incorporating discoveries from cognitive science, genetics, and other disciplines.

Why me?

I bring my knowledge as a trained coach and my years of experience to a process that will help you move forward on a meaningful path of your design.  I am known for being thoughtful, compassionate, inspiring, calm, and practical. I have:

  • life experience as a manager, a professor, a friend, and a mother
  • work experience in startups, non-profits and corporations
  • extensive & ongoing training as an integral coach (ICF & New Ventures West certification pending).

You can read more about me here.

If you are in your late 20s and early 30s

Young adults have the world ahead of them. There are so many choices, but it’s hard to know which path to take. Traditionally, generations have looked to their parents – – but today’s young adults live in a world that is dramatically different from their parents’. How do you find meaningful work? How do you “follow your passion” when you’re not sure what that is?  How do you choose when you don’t know what your choices are?  These challenges are also opportunities; how you view them and how you navigate them is something I can help with.

If you are between your mid-30s and mid-40s

This stage of life often involves increasing demands both at home and at work – -as careers progress, there could be more demands at work.  And career transitions, if needed,  can be very challenging.  At home there may be children or parents whom need caring for.  If you are in this phase, trying to care for yourself, in an increasingly demanding environment can be difficult; a coaching program with new insights and priorities will help you thrive in this busy time.

If you are in your late 40s and beyond

The late 40s and ages beyond bring new opportunities — for re-thinking careers, for re-entering the workforce, for finding meaning outside of caring for others.  This can be overwhelming at first, but with coaching, the way forward can be a rich and fulfilling phase of life.  Depending on the path you have taken, you may be re-assessing your career and wanting to make some changes well before you think of retirement.  Or perhaps you are no longer needed full-time to look after others (children or parents) and can now consider your own goals.  Or perhaps you are simply aware that you have many years ahead of you, and you are ready to choose how to spend them rather than stay on the same path.  Coaching can help you make pro-active choices.

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