Coaching Services

Personal, Executive and Small Team Coaching Services

In all coaching, I am an integral coach which means that I coach the whole person, in life, and as an executive or as part of a team.  More about my approach here.

Executive Coaching

Whether you are in a new role, a new company, or just facing new challenges at work, executive coaching can help you face those challenges with awareness and new-found confidence. As an integral coach, I consider your whole life, with a particular focus on your role as an executive. Having an outside view into your life offers insights that might otherwise go unnoticed and can help you be more effective, powerful and present at work. 

Personal Coaching

Similar to executive coaching, I consider your whole life – what is working for you, what is not working and how you might make the changes you need to get more of what you want from your life.

Small Teams

Like personal and executive coaching, team coaching involves helping each individual be more effective. What is unique is that the team dynamics and the overall well-being of the team is also taken into consideration.

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