Coaching Services

I currently offer two services:

  1. One-on-one coaching via video:  We connect by email or go directly setting up an informational call.  On this 30 minute call,  we discuss your situation, what you might want to work on in coaching, and  how we might work together.  Assuming we decide to move forward, we will set up time for a longer first session and follow up calls. In general, we will plan on meeting  via video about 3 times per month. In between sessions, I am available by email as needed.
  2. One-on-one coaching in person (San Francisco peninsula only):  Similar to the video coaching, we start by scheduling an informational call when we discuss your situation, what you might want to work on in coaching and how we might work together.  What’s different is that we will find a time and place to meet in person in the Bay Area.

Video or in-person?  Coaching by video call is more convenient for my clients and more flexible in terms of geography. Using video can easily accommodate travel schedules and clients outside of the mid-peninsula Bay Area.

Get started by setting up a complimentary informational call if you’re ready, or connect using the form below so we can start an email discussion.